Docully Data Room Software

The best thing a business owner can do for his company is to purchase a virtual data room. This space not only facilitates document workflow in the organization, and takes care of data security, but also offers invaluable assistance during various business projects and third-party transactions. VDRs make the work of your employees and yourself easier, increase company productivity, speed up transactions, save time and money. In this article, we will talk about the leading VDR provider in India Docully, and highlight its features.

Docully Data Room – About the provider

Docully Data Room is an Indian provider that provides quality services and multi-level security. The tool is best suited for strategic transactions, namely mergers and acquisitions, IPOs, private equity, restructuring, and asset sales. VDRs can also be useful for the bankruptcy industry and capital markets.

 Docully has taken a very responsible approach to security, and currently has the best international security certifications that prove it. In addition, the data room has several competitive advantages, which include favorable pricing, advanced administrator rights and Q&A sectors, secure messaging, and more.

Docully Data Room Key Features

Below we’ll break down the main features of Docully provider and what benefits they can offer you:

  • Manage users and documents

When making a deal, you need to work with a large volume of confidential documents. While this used to be a lot of trouble, now with VDR, companies can easily manage their data with a minimum of effort and amount of wasted time. Administrators and other Docully data room users can use the drag-and-drop bulk upload feature, and you can also add a large number of invited users to the space at a time. Copy and transport files from one room to another simply and easily. Smart search lets you find the document you want in a fraction of a second. Users can discuss important issues in a designated encrypted area as well as leave their questions and comments in the Q&A section.

  • Extended administrator capabilities

Data Room Administrators are trusted people who oversee the order and security of the data room. Docully provides customers with administrative options, such as granular user access rights for documents, both individual and group. You can decide who can see a particular document and who can’t, who can copy, upload, forward, and print a file, and who can’t. Also, administrators can put in individual indexing and structure documents so that users can easily adapt in the space. In addition, a person with administrator privileges can create polls and post them to collect answers to a specific question you care about.

  • Document protection features

 Docully Data Room cares about the well-being of your data and therefore offers quality state-of-the-art security methods. So, in addition to security certificates and encryption features, VDR also uses dual identification to protect your password and customizable watermarks. You can set them on your sensitive document with the exact timestamp and the credentials of the user who uploaded the document to the space. VDR also uses an advanced DRM that allows administrators to create links to documents for external sharing.

  • Flexibility and ease of use

Docully is available for use on any operating system except cell phones. The support team is available to resolve your issue via phone, email, or live chat. It’s open 24/7 without interruptions or weekends and provides you with training to use VDR, which includes webinars, training materials, and in-person consultations.